Are You Ready to Discover How to Grow Your Email List By Over 500 Signups Within 1 Week, Without Spending ANY Money on Ads?

I'll give you the blueprint to turn your practice into a low overhead, scalable, and patient-getting powerhouse!

Dear functional medicine practitioner,

Are you struggling getting the attention of the clientele you know you can help best?

Are you curious about if there's a better, more efficient and scalable business model?

Have you attempted to go virtual in the past, but got overwhelmed by all of the technology?

Hi, I'm Nikki and Welliance is a consultancy that help practitioners just like you, market, grow and scale their practice to remain relevant in the ever-changing landscape.

When you work with me, you can expect to work through issues like:

  • Identifying and reaching the people you can best help

  • Choosing the best technology and software for your business

  • Creating evergreen products and programs

  • Successfully adding virtual care to your offerings

  • Setting the foundation for a 'hybrid' practice

  • Establishing successful funnels and CRM systems for client acquisition

  • Drafting email campaigns and communication plans for current client engagement

  • Putting it all together in an efficient and low overhead model

  • Cohesive referrals to our partners for branding and paid advertising*

*these services are a la carte

Choose From 3 Options...

Choose From 3 Consulting Options

Half Day Intensive


  • A 4 hour intensive virtual (or in person if local) session with you and your practice team

  • A comprehensive discovery of your current model and goals

  • A verbal step by step business plan on the call, followed by a formal PDF strategy plan

  • A 1 hour follow up call within the first week, to asses progress and course correct where necessary

3 Month Retainer


  • The above package, plus;

  • A 1 hour coaching session each week, for 3 months

  • Unlimited contact to me via email and text during business hours

  • To-do's and plan of action updated weekly so you always know your next steps

  • A patient acquisition funnel template and integration

6 Month Retainer


  • The above 2 packages, plus:

  • A 1 hour coaching session every 2 weeks, as needed

  • A fully build out sales funnel, copy included, for new patient acquisition

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Tracy Peterson Willis, Reel Life Coaching

 "I have just begun working with Welliance to launch my small business, and she has already been very helpful. Her plan of action for me was very detailed and well thought out, and really gives me a vision for what I need to do to be successful. She is encouraging and helps me stay focused on the important things instead of getting hung up on small details that are irrelevant and holding me back. I am excited to continue working with her to see my plans come to fruition!"

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Cailin O'Hara, Sun Tree Healing Arts

"Working with Nikki has been really helpful in getting me to think about and work in the realm of online business. I have a successful natural medicine practice but wanted to reach more people doing more of what I love. Full of ideas and overwhelmed trying to figure it all out, I wasn't sure exactly how to go about things. So, I sought Nikki for guidance and support. She was very thorough when meeting with me to discuss my vision. I was really impressed with her initial plan and how she was able to synthesize different aspects of my business and the direction I wanted to go. While working with her, she has helped me develop more practical, step-by-step plans that make my goals seem even more achievable. The planning and sequencing was definitely what I needed, so I'm well on my way now!"

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