• Nikki Cohn-Byrd

Why Niching Is Important To Attracting And Converting More Ideal Patients

I definitely know how this feels...knowing that what you offer can help SO many people. Almost ANYONE! Right?

During times of uncertainty, it also probably scares us into thinking we're missing out on coveted revenue, because you're throwing a net out there and hoping it catches someone! And because if you accept more people as a target, that means you're opening up to a wider audience of potentials..right?

Well unfortunately it doesn't always work that way. Take me for example, before I turned to helping integrative medicine practitioners with marketing strategy, I was helping anyone I could find that said they needed help with promotion.

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, individual coaches..anyone. And while I might've been able to help some, my work and out reach was inefficient. Every time I accepted a new project, I had to spend more time learning the ins and outs of their business model, what their struggles were, and tailoring my approach to THEIR audience.

Versus when I niched down functional medicine... I already knew the most popular practice models, what those practitioner's struggles were, and how to speak to their audience.

Which if you know exactly the avatar of your ideal patient, you'll also know their struggles, and also know exactly how to speak to them, to probe the pain points, and insert your service to the solution to their problems. And honestly, their issues and the steps to solve them usually are the same, thus reproducible in your approach.

Im' not saying every one gets the same treatment, your treatments are still personalized to the person and their unique struggles. Yet, when you're niched there usually are similarities, thus creating efficiencies in your processes.

Same goes for advertising. People respond to those who can relate. If they don't hear resemblance's of how you help other people just like them, they'll move on to someone who strikes a chord. Furthermore, which is more efficient..(and inexpensive)? Targeting EVERYONE ages 22-45 in a 100 mile radius, both male and female... OR targeting female mothers in a 25 mile radius who are 30-35 and interested in nutrition?..The answer is 2.

Now I'm not saying you need to niche your services and focus only on 1. What I mean is, positioning yourself as a specialist, not a generalist. That can be in the chronic disease you address, or even the unique approach you take.

Remember, you're a specialist..and people will pay more for a specialist.

Who would you choose? A practitioner who helps 'people live healthier lives', or, a practitioner who 'helps busy moms of 2 resolve their hormone imbalances in a natural way, so they can have more energy and play with their kids?'. I'd choose 2 every time.

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