• Nikki Cohn-Byrd

Wellness Co-Working Catches On, We Can Now Die Well, and Grocery Stores Get Fit

This week’s wellness news from around the world, impacting the industry, that you need to know to stay ahead, and be profitable in your business Dec. 9, 2019.

The Rise of Wellness CoWorking Spaces

The number of working spaces is expected to each 30,000 by 2022, and a number of them are beginning to breed wellness-inspired brands such as X+Why, Founders Factory, and Wing...

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Death is Now A "Dying Well" Movement

The 'being healthy as long as we can until we die' movement is beginning its time in the spotlight...and won't back down in 2020...

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Orange Theory Could Be Coming to a Grocery Store Near You

Grocery store Hy-Vee is opening up tons of Orange Theory locations right within their own, which is following off of trends such as Whole Foods having yoga classes on their roof...

Read the full article on Well+Good ->

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