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Scottsdale Is Leading Wellness Travel Dest., Local Startup Enters AI, Phoenix Hotbed for Health Tech

This week’s wellness news impacting the industry, that you need to know to stay ahead, and be profitable in your business #Phoenix Arizona edition, Nov 29, 2019.

Scottsdale Arizona Becomes Leading Wellness Travel Destination

As the wellness travel sector approaches $919 billion by 2022, many tourists are flocking to Scottsdale Arizona to take advantage of their plethora of unique spa experiences. Deserts have long been places tied to spiritual journeys and purification. And for those with a free spirit who also calculate the thread count on their sheets, Scottsdale Arizona could be the answer...

Read the full article on Forbes.com ->

Local AI Startup AdviNow Garners Nationwide Attention for It's Foray Into Healthcare

As AI explodes into the field of healthcare, local Phoenix start-up AdviNOW just nabbed a spot in an ABC News report on AI in diagnoses and treatment. Their AI solution decides what information and questions are needed to interact with patients before their procedure.

Read the full article on ABC News.com ->

Phoenix Continues It's Attraction for Being a HotBed for Healthcare Tech Startups

Back in 2016, Entrepreneur magazine named 10 Arizona businesses that were the best entrepreneurial start ups in the US, 4 of which were in healthcare and wellness. Today, the trend hasn't stopped, with Phoenix being a top spot for healthcare tech companies nabbing early and late stage funding. And with companies paving the future of healthcare located here such as Solera Health, more and more targeted industry businesses will be starting up or moving into the space.

Read more about Solera's revolutionary approach here ->

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