• Nikki Cohn-Byrd

Headspace x Snapchat, HIMS and an IPO, Lemonaid Gets Paid

This week's wellness industry news showcasing the biggest movers, innovators, and brands to watch to help your own brand get ahead in the market, August 3rd, 2020.

Headspace Strikes Up a Partnership With Snapchat for In-App Meditation

To us, this is genius, why...because mental health is in the spotlight so much during this time. Not to mention, to counteract loneliness and FOMO, most people (millennials and Gen Z included) are browsing more and more through social media. This partnership allows Snapchat users to interact with 'mini' meditations directly within the app, and even share the experience with a friend.

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Hims Eyes Deal To Go Public and Expands Its Remote Mental Health Services

Hims, the popular consumer wellness and telehealth company, has its eye on a possible unnamed acquisition that could value the startup at over $1bil. Playing on the newly surging telehealth boom, Hims and Hers recently announced a new addition to their virtual mental health offering...one on one remote sessions with licensed providers for anxiety. As telehealth and digital health saw the most funding out of any category in wellness recently, we think this is a trend that's here to stay.

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Lemonaid Health Taps Into $33M Series B for At-home Health Care Platform

Continuing with the telehealth trend, startup on-demand healthcare access platform Lemonaid Health raised another $33mil in series B funding, bringing their total to $55mil raised. They say with their funding, they will increase their number of healthcare professionals to expand the types of treatments covered, from hypertension, to asthma. As experts are relying on telehealth platforms to take some burden off of healthcare systems, our bet is that investors eye's will all be on any similar startup.

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