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Delos Takes Top Wellness Housing Tech, Deloitte Enters Health Tech, and Fitness Goals Change

This week’s global wellness news from around the world, impacting the industry, that you need to know to stay ahead, and be profitable in your business Nov 21, 2019

A High Tech System to Make Homes More Healthy

Delos is what’s known as a “wellness real estate” brand. Founded in New York in 2012, it aims to make homes healthier places to live by installing a system that monitors and controls a property’s air and water quality and lighting.

Delos introduced the technology...

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Deloitte Launches ConvergeHealth

Deloitte launched ConvergeHEALTH Connect, a new suite of four new healthcare products targeting a range of concentrations from public health care to personalized care, all of which runs on the Salesforce Health Cloud. The full list includes tools for patient engagement...

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Looking and Feeling Better Is the Top Priority of Today's Fitness Consumers, Survey Says

Today's fitness consumers are less interested in achieving specific strength or cardio gains and more driven by hopes of feeling good, looking good and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits, according to a recent survey published by Precision Nutrition, Toronto, Canada...

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