Healthy Meals, Nutrition & Supplements

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Phoenix, Arizona

Fuel To Fit

General Information: Local healthy meal prep now delivering kids meals, family dinners, and groceries. 

Pricing: $60.00-$120.00/week plus delivery 

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Phoenix, Arizona

Nature's Purpose

General Information: Healthy custom meal prep and catering, continuing delivery through COVID-19.

Pricing: $6.50-$21.75 per meal, plus devliery

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Green Chef

General Information: Healthy meal kit subscription service with choices of dietary preference. 

Pricing: $9.99-$12.99 per meal

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Phoenix, Arizona, nationwide

ion Nutrition

General information: Customizable healthy and organic meal prep delivery service

Pricing: $10.55-$12.47 per meal

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Blue Apron

General Information:  Customizable healthy meal kit subscription delivery with ingredients and recipes included.

Pricing: $7.49+ per serving, plus shipping

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Hello Fresh

General Information: Customizable healthy meal kit subscription delivery with ingredients and recipes included.

Pricing: $8.99+ per serving, plus shipping

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Phoenix, Arizona, Nationwide


General Information: Precooked, healthy meal delivery you just heat up and eat.

Pricing: $7.99-$11.50 per meal, based on quantity of meals per week

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Thrive Market

General Information: Healthy and organic living and food product e-commerce platform, delivered to you on a subscription basis. 

Pricing: $59.99 yearly subscription plus order cost

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Organifi - supplements

General Information: Fully organic and plant based superfood supplement subscription delivery service.

Pricing: Per item, or $59.46+ monthly

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Phoenix, Arizona, nationwide

Natural Partners - supplements

General Information: Online, all natural vitamin and supplement e-commerce retailer.

Pricing: Pricing varies by product and quantity