At Home Vital Signs & Remote Monitoring

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Phoenix, Arizona, Nationwide

Heads Up Health

General Information: Local health optimization platform that created a free vital sign monitoring dashboard to track COVID-19 symptoms at home. 

Pricing: Free

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Scottsdale, Arizona


General Information: Remote monitoring platform with free COVID-19 assessments and resources. Sets distributed only by physicians, but resources available.

Pricing: Free assessment, use by doctor only

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General Information: AI powered smart phone camera at home monitoring technology, optimizing health. Not yet available. 

Pricing: unknown

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Phoenix, Arizona, nationwide


General Information: At home, anytime personal heart rate and EKG monitor that allows result sharing with your doctor.

*Can monitor you remotely for COVID-19 only if deemed necessary by licensed clinician.

Pricing: $89.00-$149.00

*Most wearable technology trackers can help you assess if you have symptoms of COVID-19. Be sure to check with your health professional to determine what those symptoms are, the indicators, and your next course of action.

Apple Watch COVID-19 Assessment

A Note from FITBIT