'Unconventional Marketing for Unconventional Medicine'

Whether you're a nutritionist, functional medicine doctor, or simply a health coach, what you're practicing is medicine. You're healing your clients in the best way...by focusing on what matters most to them. Their health.

A New Approach

Freeing up your time so you can do what you're best at...is what I'm best at.

I get it. You're not trained as a marketer or business strategist. You're trained to heal.


Our  mission is to help you with marketing and business strategy, so you can amplify your message to a larger audience, and keep moving the needle on health and wellness.


From one on one consulting, to 'done for you' projects, to quick business audits or recurring online programs, we help you be successful with unconventional methods of marketing. Because let's face it, marketing for health and wellness businesses is a lot different than a traditional services. 

Thus, all of our services are designed to help you worry less about marketing and do what you do best, healing. 

I BELIEVE in what you do, which is why I want to help you amplify your message to more people.